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The following are a list of events supported by All Abilities Mackay.

Event #1036 - Big Boar -  Bikes and Blues

WHAT: Motorbike show & shine, live music, raffles, food and drink
WHEN: Period from 21/01/2019 to 22/06/2019 (event date)
WHERE: Handlebar Heaven, Peak Downs Highway, Racecourse
WHO: Vicki, Big Boar V-Twin, 49441345

Event #1037 - Velos in the Valley

WHAT:   Push Bike Event
WHEN;   25/05/2019
WHERE:  Mackay - Finch Hatton
WHO:   Penny Plath - 0448452733
Conditons - Shared fundraiser (with Tour De Cure).  Won't be a 50/50 split.  All Abilities Mackay have been advised proceeds from the event are likely to be around $1000

Event #1011  - 8 Limb Yoga Fundraisers (Book Sales)  

WHAT:  Sue Deakin (owner of 8 Limb Yoga) is a co author in a book called Heart to Heart which should be released in January 2015. They have purchased 200 books which we will donate all proceeds to All Abilities Mackay.   Each book should retail for around $23.00 we hope to raise over $4,000. WHEN: January 2015 onwards - until further notice WHO: 8 Limb Yoga MORE INFO:  Visit their website for more info or to secure your copy:
***UPDATE:   $3585 donated 29/6/15 from 150 book sales.   100 books left to sell, so grab your copy from 8 Limb Yoga on the above web address or the Corner of Sydney and Shakespeare Street. 


Event # 1006 - Create Change for Jayden

WHAT: Donation boxes around town.  Only clear Perspex lockable donation boxes have been approved. If you have seen a suspect donation tin/box anywhere, please contact  Bec 0447595173

WHEN: Until further notice 




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